JULIA POMOSHKO is a Ukrainian women's clothing brand, created in 2015 by designer and architect Julia Pomoshko. The main inspiration source for the collections is girls - so different and all equally beautiful. Clothes by JULIA POMOSHKO are universal and suit any type, complexion, eye or hair color, skin tone, and mood. Julia works to accentuate a girl's beauty and develop an individual approach. Due to this, everyone gets what they want. But everywhere, even in noisy and constantly running cities, self-love remains the main emphasis.

The brand key product is a coat, but over the years of fruitful work and development, the collections have enlarged with dresses, suits, trench coats, sweaters, golfs, and accessories. The one thing remains the same: it is quality.

The designer personally visits Italy to carefully select natural and high-quality fabrics for future collections for beloved customers. The designer visits Italy to carefully select natural and high-quality fabrics, the constructor makes the product shape perfect, and the seamstresses take care of every stitch.

Natural Italian fabrics, minimalism, laconic cut, graphic lines, precise volumes, and proportions, as well as simplicity of shape - all these characterize the silhouette of JULIA POMOSHKO clothes.