Perfect coat - what it's like? This question is asked by many modern girls and this is how the history of the brand began. Julia Pomoshko, an architect, came up with a product model in her head. Then she turned to her mother and engaged her in tailoring. Together they designed the first coat, which provoked interest and attracted the attention of creative groups.

Now creating a coat from JULIA POMOSHKO is a magical and laborious process. The designer visits Italy, carefully selects natural and high-quality fabrics for future collections and for beloved customers. The clothes designer - her mother - designs patterns so the coat fits perfectly to different body shapes, emphasizes all the beauty of any woman, and our seamstresses take care of every single stitch. Accessories, made at the factory and painted in the color of a specific fabric, are a real masterpiece. The result of all this delicate work is happy girls.

Now JULIA POMOSHKO is a comfortable, basic and interesting female outerwear, which is an integral part of the urban movement. It combines quality, beauty, comfort, versatility and is created with thoughts about you.